Friday, August 26, 2011

Malawi Bloggers not happy with the Nyasa Times

Acacia a Malawian Blogger said: "I have heard that many people in malawi cannot view nyasa times it uses a server which some malawi ISPs do not recognise. i am one of them. it just goes to prove that nyasa times does not have malawians' interests at heart."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Maravi Post is Better than Malawi Nyasa Times

According to Maravi Post, the Malawi UN mission was not happy by an article on the Nyasa Times website.

The Maravi Post, an online Newspaper has proved trustworthy in Malawian circles because it is generally not confined to partisan lines.Maravi Post journalists have outed journalists, politicians from every party when there has been any injustice. Any newsworthy item is usually thoroughly investigated before being reported. It is not surprising that Maravi Post' motto is veritas which is a latin word meaning truth. They have proved that journalists can display integrity even if it is online. Thanks to ever-faithful journalists  like Raphael Tenthani.
In this instance, the Post has set straight the matter when the Nyasa Times wrongly reported that a UN envoy was sent to Malawi for no specific reasons.For more, go to the Maravi Post.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nyasa Times doubted by International Body

The Nyasa Times again misquoted and made a headline where there should not have been one. This happened when the Nyasa Times wrote an article about the MicroFinance Transparency with several inaccurate statements. In response the International Body responded with an article which among other points stated: 

"There are many points made in the article that do not reflect the views of MicroFinance Transparency, and in many cases we do not believe that they accurately portray the dynamics of pricing in the microfinance industry either"
 The Institution was disappointed in the reporting because it proved that Malawians did not see the importance of the work achieved though MicroFinance Transparency, thanks to the Nyasa Times.
To read the article fully, click over to their website here. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Anti-Nyasa Time Journalism?

The Nyasa Times has to stop publishing articles that are not well written! The Nyasa times should stop publishing online articles that can not measure to journalistic standards. This is shameful for Malawians in the diaspora and shameful for Malawian journalists.

The aim of this blog is not to go against the people behind the Nyasa Times but instead the reporting and the gossip behind their headlines. At Anti Nyasa Times Journalism, it is not about insulting the initiative of online newspapers, but instead making sure that the Nyasa Times does not incite people to violence or hatred because of inaccurate reports. This has happened several times and has even caused some to lose their jobs in the impoverished country of Malawi.
Anti-Nyasa Times Journalism is not by-partisan. It does not endorse Bakili Muluzi's United Democratic of Malawi(UDF),  Bingu wa Mutharika's  Democratic Progressive  Party, Joyce Banda's People's Party, the Malawi Congress Party or any other political party. This blog was created to encourage journalistic integrity by the Nyasa Times and  all online newspapers.

"With articles based on half truths and empty reckless unethical statements, this web page is not only defaming their opponents, (...) but essentially defaming Malawi as a whole in proportions never seen before in our history." (Anti-bakili blog).